Tenant education and Residential Tenancies Act check (Insulation and Smoke Alarms)

Tenant education on use of the home, assessment of quality and level of insulation for tenancy agreements, plus checking smoke alarms in-date and operative. $149 plus GST* 

Eco Rental Advice

A checklist-based assessment of your rental property. A comprehensive landlord report will tell you if it meets the new tenancy regulations and proposed legislative changes. Find out if you qualify for discounts on insulation, clean heating and extractor fans. In-home assessment, landlord report and tenant education:

$195 plus GST*

Eco Design Advice

An expert, independent, tailored consultation in your home on renovations or improvements that will take it to the next level in building standards. A prioritised checklist and assessment record will be sent with extensive links to relevant resources to help find suppliers and access funding or incentives to implement our recommendations. In-home assessment, emailed checklist and follow up advice: $245 plus GST**


Have your preliminary house design plans reviewed by our qualified Homestar assessors, or get a rating for your existing house. For assessment details and costs, see Further Information 

* Up to one hour assessment and education in the rental home, excluding travel time (travel costs not included). Replacement of smoke alarms extra.
** Up to two hours in total, excluding travel time (travel costs not included).
*** Subject to continuing support from Auckland Council. Available outside participating council areas through individual subscription, see www.sustainableliving.org.nz.

Future Living Skills

Going Off-Grid – find out about becoming more independent from the electricity grid and the water reticulation network; is it right for you? Can you benefit from solar energy, and collect rainwater too? How do you go about it and what regulations do you need to meet? Community learning courses from the Sustainable Living Education Trust on saving money on energy, water, eco-building and waste, as well as classes on conscious consumerism, growing your own food, active transport choices and building resilient communities. Group meetings available and can be priced on request. May be subsidised or available free in participating local board areas. Online study free***

Corporate Sustainability Consulting

Tailored packages and courses for your company, community group or not-for-profit organisation. Just phone us on 027 4409587 or email eion@ecoadvisor.co.nz. Research and development charged at $70 an hour plus GST, course delivery and presentations charged at $100 an hour plus GST.

Container living in the Waitakere bush. Photo by Baron Collicott of Unseen Perspectives. Courtesy of IQ Container Homes.